Reminders of a Little Boy

The street dogs here eat away at my heart. Some days more so than others. I want to love and care for them. I want to feed them and see their tails wag in expression of happiness. Instead I see them cower as they run the streets, hungry for love, care and nourishment. They live moment to moment with a great weight on their shoulders, survival. Sometimes they are yelled at when they try to ask for food. Sometimes a heavy force connect with their being and I hear them whimper as they run away, run nowhere and anywhere. There is no home for them. It would be all too easy to give them a home. But that is not why I am here.

Yesterday I witness something I’ve believed all along. The reminder brought me incredible joy. This moment was special. A young boy, still just a baby, was sitting outside a shop eating crackers without any worry tickling his mind. A dog I see around the shop often was roaming around earlier and reappeared, approaching the boy. The boy looked at the dog, saw his hunger, then looked down into his hands where he held his cracker. He instinctively broke off a piece of his own food and held out his hand for this dog to receive. The dog was grateful, but still hungry. He was steady where he sat and looked up at the boy again. Again I watched the boy break off a piece of his cracker, which was now nearly finished, and held it out for the dog to receive. It was so simple. The boy saw the dog’s hunger and gave him food to eat. He did not look for his mother in neither question nor fear. He did not hesitate. He understood, a boy not yet ready to speak, and accepted the human responsibility to care for all living kind.

It is in our nature from the very beginning to care like this boy has. What happens that a person can begin to ignore? That a person can refuse this responsibility and act as if it does not matter? What do you think this world would look like, what do you think her people would look like, what her creatures would look like, if everyone cared like this boy?

Where has our instinct to love and care for all God’s creation without the question of how or why gone? I do not have the answer. The answer lies in you and in you alone.

How can we live more like this little boy?


One thought on “Reminders of a Little Boy

  1. Excellent questions. This post is a great reminder to pay better attention to the moments we live in. The places God so readily awaits us. Thanks for sharing.

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